A Mark Brazier Jones "Tally Ho" chair upholstered in tan leather on gilt wrought iron base

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A Mark Brazier Jones (B. 1956 ) "Tally Ho" chair, the sculptural chair is upholstered in a tan leather, with leather reigns, straps and steel stirrups on a stylised gilt wrought iron frame with decorative details. Part Of Mark Brazier Jones's Flashman Collection designed and crafted in his own studio in England in 2015.

Made famous by the Red Room in 50 Shades of Grey and other famous Tally Ho chair owners include Slash from Guns and Roses and Gwyneth Paltrow

Mark Brazier Jones described the conversation and creative process he had with Sam Taylor Wood the director prior to the making of the film.

"Sam Taylor Johnson approached us before filming started …. We had a long conversation on the phone in which we soon discovered an enjoyable creative link … she was very definite about using at least 3 of my more risqué pieces of furniture as key elements in the red room....The pieces chosen for the film are inventions of mine that are now some ten years old … and are what I call the Flashman Collection. My point of inspiration being the literary character Harry Flashman, authored by George MacDonald Fraser (hilarious books containing exceptional spoken English and thoroughly researched historical situations). Our anti-hero is a Victorian bounder and insatiable opportunist with the ladies. The collection fantasises the notion of stately home parties and saucy capers. There are a number of pieces in the collection but the devices singled out by Sam Taylor Johnson and Sandy Wasco where the Study Chair, the Tally Ho (equestrian folly for polo practice should your Aunt Maud enquire as to the purpose of the curio sitting in your drawing room) and a Detention Cabinet specifically designed to restrain the miscreant … lots of fun and genuine ice breakers at Belgravia receptions."

Mark Brazier-Jones is an internationally celebrated artist, master furniture and lighting designer, sculptor and engineer. His patrons list film and rock royalty and art collectors all over the world.

Examples of his work are held in the following museums:

Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Musee des Arts decoratifs, Paris

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Decorative Arts Collection of the Brooklyn Museum, New York

The Museum of Art and Design, New York

OrigIn: England

Date: 2015


Height:  109 cm

Width:  138 cm

Depth: 45 cm

Condition: Good original condition

Product Code: CHR 139

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